Window Restrictors


Our range of window casement restrictors.

Hold-Open Euro-groove Fit Restrictor


Using the same technology as our Tech 1000 door restrictors, this Euro-groove, "Hold Open" window restrictor is available with fixed (not detachable) or with detachable frame anchor.


Variable fixing position allows the sash opening to be set as required and will "hold" the sash in position; it is not reliant upon the friction stays.


This restrictor is ideal for Juliet balcony doors to allow good ventilation while restricting the opening to avoid damage to door sashes colliding with balcony rails.


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Auto-Latch Window Restrictor


The Auto-latch window restrictor is suitable for aluminium, PVC or timber windows. These window restrictors are fixed into the frame itself and are concealed from view. When the window is opened, the hook arm catches onto the fixing stud (supplied) and restricts opening. The window restrictor can be manually disengaged by hand if the window is required to be fully open. The window restrictor comes in a stainless steel finish and is available in both left and right hand fittings.


Testing Window Restrictor

Test Sample.

The restrictor was fitted to a PVCu side hung window measuring 450mm wide x 595mm high, with a double glazed 4-20-4 sealed unit.


Summary of results.

The sample window when fitted with the restrictor met requirements of the specification.


Strength test result

A 7 test 6: Strength to restrict opening.

Force applied 200N for 5 seconds (maximum opening stops) window remained operable after force was removed.

A 7: Resistance to accidental loadings.

Force applied 500N for 5 seconds; no visible damage to the window was observed.

Force applied 1000N for 1 minute, no distortion occurred.

There was no glass breakage and the hardware remained attached to the sash and frame of the window.

Extended Cavity-Fix Restrictor: 
The ultimate safety solution
  • Easy to fit with no routing

  • Compatible with standard duty hinges

  • Available in 13mm, 16mm, and 17mm cavity heights
    (other sizes may be available on request)

  • Compatible with countersunk fixings

  • Can be used on windows without reinforcement

  • Austenitic stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance
    and strength to BS EN 10088-2 Grade 1.4301 

  • Capable of complying with BS 6375-2 and EN 13126-5

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Laminated Window Restrictor


The laminated window restrictor is an automatically engaging spring loaded window restrictor for use on side or top hung windows.

It is supplied in a stainless steel finish.