Other Products


Other door and window hardware produced by us, including Finger Bolts and Sashjacks.

The Sashjack


In-Line Sashjack and Glass Rebate Sashjack


The "Sashjack" enables the installer of windows and doors to be totally confident that the "toeing and heeling" process is simple and that the sash will not drop due to moving glazing packers (a common occurrence).

Two versions are available:

    * The "in-line" version designed to fit in a sash eurogroove

    * The "glass rebate" version which fits into the glazing rebate.

The manufacturer of the window or door can glaze or panel the sashes "in-house" if this is convenient. Using a 4mm Allen key, simply turn the adjusting stud 5mm on site to "toe and heel" the sash.

On-site glazing is simply a case of putting a packer bottom hinge side of the sash, fitting the glass unit or panel and placing a "Sashjack" packer between glass or panel and the adjusting stud. Turn the stud 5mm and the window or door is "toe and heeled".

With the frame fitted "square", correct fitting of the sash is guaranteed!


The Sashjack is outstanding on "French door" sets and gives perfect alignment every time. Because the adjustment is linear, the important relationship between hardware and keeps is maintained. No more moving keeps around.

The glazing packers and moulded version of the "Sashjack" are manufactured from acytal polypropylene to give both strength and flexibility. The metal version is made from mild steel and is "yellow passivated".


Standard and Extended Finger Bolts


All components are made from 304 stainless steel, and at just 6.00mm thick are ideal for Aluminium doors.


An extended button version is available for double door systems where the finger bolt is hidden behind a mullion and the extended button protrudes through a small routed aperture.